How to Create, Promote and Deliver - Fair, Fun and Well Run Contests
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So.....You've decided to take on the challenging and exciting role of Contest Chair. This page has all the resources you will need to build a team and deliver a fair, fun and well run contest.

First - get is a copy of the current Speech Contest Rulebook <<HERE>>
Second - download the contest KIT (below) for the contest you will be chairing
Then download the appropriate contest Checklist, Script and Chief Judge Checklist (below)
Find yourself a Mentor - someone who has already produced at least one successful contest
The first team member you should bring on board is the Chief Judge
If the Chief Judge has never performed this role - help them find a Mentor
Work with the Chief Judge to build the team of Ballot Counters, Timers and (Secret) Contest Judges
If a venue has not already been secured a venue.
Get Contestants! If you are Chairing a club contest then promote the value of competition to club members
Produce a fair, fun and well run contest

Contest Chair - Checklist's:
The checklist's (below) conform to the Toastmasters International Contest Chair checklist (in the Speech Contest Rulebook). These are however a lot more detailed and include practical suggestions and details that come from chairing many contests. I created these checklists to help you plan the contest and manage the myriad of details that go into ensuring a fair, fun and well run contest.

Contest Chair - Script's:
These script's (below) were crafted - over time - by discussing and testing various ways to effectively deliver fair, fun and well run contests. Each script has the - time tested - words and actions you will need to say and do from the moment you open the contest until your final thank you's as you close the contest.
The scripts are available in both DOC and PDF format so you can use them as is (PDF) or modify them (DOC) to suit your style.

Contest KIT's:
Clicking on the appropriate contest KIT (below) will download the contest kit directly from Toastmasters International. It contains all the certificates and forms needed for that contest.

Chief Judge - Contest Checklist:
The Chief Judge and team are essential to ensuring fair judging and accurate tabulation and reporting of the results. This checklist (below) conforms to the Toastmasters International Chief Judge checklist (in the Speech Contest Rulebook) but includes a lot more detail not in the Rulebook.

The presentation 'Conducting Quality Speech Contests' by fellow Toastmaster Blair Montgomery, DTM (District 96 Chief Judge, 2014 - 2016) is available in both PPT(Powerpoint) and PDF format. This presentation can be used to train Contest Chairs, Chief Judges and other contest officials.

All the best as Contest Chair and in your Toastmaster journey!

and material -- as of August 6, 2017.

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