How to Maintain Club Strength
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Just as a person's health can deteriorate in tiny decrements so too can the health of a Toastmasters club.

When we finally see a significant deterioration in our personal health we seek the advice of health professionals and start taking action to get healthy again.

If we were to pay more attention regularly to our health we would probably not go through as many health issues as we do. The same is true of Toastmasters clubs.

As a leader in your club - one of the most valuable services you can perform is asking club members -- is the club meeting their expectations and adequately serving their personal development needs.

Toastmasters International recommends that once a year every club should do the Moments of Truth module. This module should be done with the entire club present and takes about one hour. I encourage you to do this with your club.

However, sometimes clubs feel they are doing just fine or that Moments of Truth takes too much time and effort. If you belong to a club that feels this way - there is another way - the member survey way. It only takes 15 or 20 minutes and will yield the insights you need in order to assess the health of your club - and then take action in the areas that need it.

Below are all the tools you need to create a survey, analyze the results and report the findings back to the club action can be taken collectively on the important issues.

The Member Survey below is the actual survey we gave to our club.

The Member Survey - Spreadsheet below is set up so all you need to do is enter the data from the completed surveys and it will calculate the numbers for the final report.

The Member Survey - Final Report below is the actual report we distributed back to our members for discussion and further action.
Total Downloads = 6270
Member Survey PDF or DOC
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