How to Build a Strong Leadership Foundation
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Good Leaders have a strong personal foundation they build upon as they become better leaders.

Toastmasters International provides the Competent Leadership (CL) manual as the first major step along the Toastmasters Leadership Track. There are ten (10) projects to complete while serving in various club meeting roles.

After earning the CL education award Toastmasters can further refine and develop their leadership skills by working on the Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) and Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) education awards - towards completing the entire Toastmasters program and receiving a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) designation.

The Toastmasters International website has a more detailed description of the Toastmasters Leadership Track.

A fellow Toastmaster - Shael Stonebridge - developed a very useful set of tools to help clubs understand the value of completing the CL manual AND how to build a CL completion program at your club so all club members get the benefit of completing the CL manual.

Some CL manual projects can be completed during the regular club meeting while others are completed outside the regular club meeting. The 'CL Regular Meeting Roles List' and 'CL Non-Regular Meeting Roles List' documents break them down for you.

The 'How to Get Toastmasters to Complete the CL Manual' is a six step process to help you implement the CL Program at your club - and ensure that all club members have a chance to complete the CL manual.

The 'CL Role Tracking' spreadsheet will help you track each members progress as they strive towards completing all ten projects in the CL manual.
Total Downloads = 7666
CL Regular Meeting Roles List PDF
CL Non-Regular Meeting Roles List DOC
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